If we had ten seconds together in an elevator you would probably ask:

"What makes GCI Health different?"

Good question.

The answer is that everyone at GCI Health truly gets that the healthcare industry is changing so we are constantly pushing boundaries to help our clients succeed.

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Leading Thoughts

GCI Health, WPP’s only specialist healthcare public relations agency, continues to garner industry accolades. From recognition by The Holmes Report as one of the Top 5 Healthcare Agencies in the World in 2013 to back-to-back SABRE Awards for Best Pharmaceutical Campaign in 2011 and 2012 to our 2011 win as Healthcare Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report (as well as finalists from 2012 to 2014), it is clear that GCI Health takes great pride in the exceptional work we create for our clients.

With offices across North America and in the UK powered by best-in-business professionals, GCI Health offers public relations expertise and thought leadership tailored to help our diverse roster of clients in the evolving healthcare space succeed. Our unrelenting commitment to beating client expectations, our approachable management team, positive, can-do work ethic and our emphasis on the marriage of expertise and creativity, makes GCI Health the agency to beat in healthcare communications.




2011 Healthcare Agency of the Year, The Holmes Report

2011 SABRE Award for Pharmaceutical: Rx Campaign of the Year, The Holmes Report

Finalist, 2012 SABRE Award for Pharmaceutical: Rx Campaign of the Year, The Holmes Report

Finalist, 2012 SABRE Award for External Publication, The Holmes Report

Diabetes Dish

2011 Dose of Digital Dosie Award: People's Choice in the Facebook Page Category

Endo Pharmaceuticals: A Model for Transformation, Differentiation and Communication

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Award for Internal Communications

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Certificate of Excellence for Reputation/Brand Management Programs

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Certificate of Excellence for Internal/Intranets, Endo Interactive Learning Map

2011 IABC\Atlanta Silver Flame Award for Employee Communications - Internal Communications

2011 IABC\Atlanta Bronze Flame Award for Writing - Annual Report

2011 IABC\Atlanta Bronze Flame Award for Digital - Internal/Intranets Portal

2011 SABRE Certificate of Excellence for Press Kit

Explain Your Pain Multicultural Campaign

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Award for Multicultural Public Relations

Campaign for Nursing's Future

2011 MarCom Platinum Award for the "Happy Nurse" Mobile App Game

2011 MarCom Gold Award for Nursing Notes Live

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Award for Smartphone Apps, Happy Nurse Game Mobile App

2011 PRSA\GA Phoenix Award for Digital, Campaign for Nursing’s Future E-Newsletter

2011 IABC\Atlanta Golden Flame Award for Social Media

2011 IABC\Atlanta Bronze Flame Award for Newsletter\Newspaper

Finalist, 2011 PR News Digital PR Award for Mobile App

Finalist, 2011 PR News Digital PR Award for Facebook Use

2010 PR News Digital PR Award for Best E-Newsletter

Blood Sugar Basics Campaign

2011 PRSA North Florida PRism Award for Consumer Marketing

2011 PRSA North Florida PRism Award of Excellence for Integrated Communications

Increasing Access to Life-Saving Therapy: ICDs and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

2005-2009, PRWeek Readers' Choice "Best-of-the-Best" Campaign of the Year

Medtronic FDA Approval of the First-Ever Minimally Invasive Heart Valve

2010 PRSA/GA Phoenix Award for Media Relations - Consumer Products (Healthcare)

Patchwork for Hope Campaign - Raising Awareness About After-Shingles Pain

2010 PRSA/GA Phoenix Certificate of Excellence for Integrated Communications (Consumer Products)

2010 Platinum MarCom Award for Design

2010 National Mature Media Bronze Consumer Public Relations Campaign Award

2010 Communicator Awards Interactive Award of Excellence

2010 Gold Mercury Award for Brochure

2009 Web Health Awards Program

2009 Product Management 360 Magazine Innovation Trailblazer Awards

IABC Atlanta Chapter Silver Golden Flame Award (Digital Media)

2009 PRSA/GA Phoenix Certificate of Excellence for Campaign Brochure

PARtnering Against Menstrual Migraine

2008 PRSA/GA Phoenix Award for Press Kits/Media Kits (Events, Commemorations, Other)

2008 PRSA/GA Phoenix Certificate of Excellence for Website (External)

2008 PRSA/GA Phoenix Award for Satellite Media Tours

2008 Certificate of Excellence for Marketing Consumer Products (Healthcare)

MarCom Awards for Brochure, Website, Press Kit and Direct Mail

World Wide Web (WWW) Health Award

Women Living Positive

Global Business Coalition (GBC) Award for Excellence


Sustaining Positive News for a New Vaccine.

GCI Health was responsible for launching a vaccine in an environment of safety concerns due to a market withdrawal of a competitive vaccine. In support of four milestones in 10 weeks, we created unique news angles to keep interest high, strong safety messaging, and prepared spokespeople to deliver consistent and colorful messages. The milestone news generated more than 144 million impressions, including multiple articles in USA Today, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Ninety-two percent of coverage was considered extremely or somewhat favorable.
Other Case Studies

Medical Technology.

Mobilizing Stakeholders to Drive ICD Reimbursement Sudden cardiac arrhythmia (SCA) is the #1 killer in the U.S.

Yet implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) were under-utilized and perceived negatively due to cost. Early signals indicated CMS may not reimburse ICDs despite strong clinical evidence. To influence the CMS decision, GCI Health established the SCA Alliance - comprised of representatives from 18 patient and professional organizations - to demonstrate broad support for ICDs. The result was a decision by CMS to reimburse 85% of at-risk patients, and 95% of media coverage from the program focused on ICD value, not cost.
Other Case Studies


Building Support for a Targeted Cancer Therapy Across Indications.

GCI Health was responsible for generating global media coverage of data at ASCO showing that a targeted cancer therapy was the first to improve overall survival in liver cancer in 30 years. We also needed to publicize the therapy's role in kidney cancer and defend it from competitor attacks. Through solid media coverage of the data, we were able to promote the entire clinical development program across multiple tumor types. Outreach resulted in more than 1,000 placements and 250 million impressions. Worldwide sales increased by 25% post-ASCO with PR and medical education being the only brand activities deployed.
Other Case Studies

Beauty and Aesthetics.

Overcoming a Crowded Laser Treatment Marketplace to Increase Sales and Demand.

In the face of fierce competition and copy-cat claims, GCI Health was charged with establishing a cosmetic laser treatment as the gold standard for non-invasive skin rejuvenation. A national trade and consumer media campaign and a fully-integrated marketing campaign were launched, including a WOM initiative. The campaign generated more than 700 million impressions, including two TODAY segments, and consumer demand increased more than 20 percent. This impacted the closing of $3.5 million in sales at the annual American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) meeting.
Other Case Studies